Slavic & East European Studies (SEES) group of the

European Studies Section (ESS)

Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), a division of the American Library Association

The Slavic and East European Studies (SEES) group of the European Studies Section is one of the oldest groups of the Association of College and Research Libraries, which is a division of the American Library Association. SEES represents approximately 200 librarians and specialists involved in Slavic and East European studies. In addition to Russia and the countries of Eastern and Central Europe, the section is concerned with library service related to the study of the Baltic states (Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia), Central Asia and the Caucasus.

SEES came into being in 1963 with the establishment of three committees. In 1990 SEES expanded its focus with the creation of the Committee for the Preservation of Slavic Materials and Special Collections and again in 1998 with the addition of the Electronic Resources Committee. Today there are three standing committees: the Access and Preservation Committee, the Slavic Cataloging & Metadata Committee and the Newsletter Editorial Board.

Join SEES now! SEES welcomes new members at any time and offers a kaleidoscope of ways to be involved in Slavic and East European Librarianship.

To learn more, peruse the SEES Brochure. To volunteer for a SEES committee, please send an email expressing your interest to the Chair and Vice-Chair of SEES.

In September 1, 2017 SEES merged with the Western European Studies Section of ACRL (WESS) to form the new European Studies Section (ESS). The ACRL Board Action Form proposing the merger and the Transition Plan approved by the Executive Board of ACRL are archived in under the documents rubric in the archive on this site, as are the Governance Documents for the new Section and a set of FAQ's about the merger.

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