UTAU Voicebanks

Karasune Luc

VCV Voicebanks
Karasune Luc VCV V.1.3 (Rerecorded with better mic) 11/26/14 update

Multipitch/Powerscale Voicebanks
Karasune Luc IRE v.1.01 (A powerscale bank with 4 pitches: C4 power pitch, G3 firm pitch, D3 clear pitch, C3 normal soft pitch) Has been rerecorded with better mix. 12/26/14 update

Karasune Luc AETHER (Voicebank with 3 powerscale pitches[E3 normal pitch, G3 firm pitch, C4 power pitch] and 3 extends: FROST[Falsetto voice], NIGHT[Soft/Whispery voice], and EDGE[Vocal fry for vowels]) 12/15/15 released

Append Voicebanks
note: All VBs come with suffixes in them. You can just drag and drop them into Luc's existing banks.

Karasune Luc NIGHT (A soft/Whispery/Slightly Raspy VCV voicebank. Uses the "N" suffix to activate)

Karasune Luc FROST (A Falsetto VCV voicebank extend. Uses the "F" suffix to activate)
Sample unavailable

Karasune Luc EDGE (A vocal fry extend. Uses an apostrophe(') or minus symbol(-) to beginning or end of vowels to activate)
Sample unavailable


VCV Voicebanks
VY VCV v.1.0 (Vy's first VCV bank)


CV Voicebanks
Miharuru CV (Miharuru's CV voicebank)