New Year's Eve 2007 - Part Deux

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Though it started innocently enough, things began to get a bit worrisome when the sun went down: The Space Needle apparently had sprouted a large Christmas Tree, which is just barely visible here....
spaceneedle Must have been one o' them flying saucers!
redandgreenlitstadium From the Indestructible Notebook, this is S. E. E Quine reporting from Moclips! And if you think that's a funny-sounding name, try, 'Humptulips'! (Of course, that name's been highly bastardized from its Chehalis origins.)

We're now at the beach house in Moclips, and is it ever nice! - why don't you take a look around? I've always found that Tostitos tend to improve the decor....
tostitosimprovesthedecor Oh, and, I should probably tell you about our three-hour drive down while I'm giving you the virtual tour.

First of all, I was irritated that I forgot Lou's tape of Pink Floyd's The Wall and Jeremy's Nalgene bottle - which was filled with water for my dehydration headache - just as Lou was locking the door, and he said it was now too late to turn the key back the other way so I could get them. 

This was partially due to his plan to get Jeremy back over to the apartment. Mua ha ha!

Needless to say, as I was squashed there in the backseat, my head throbbing, with no visibility except a headrest directly in front of my eyes, no foot room, shivering, with my knees wedged at an upwards angle and one of my ankles painfully twisted, I was pretty crabby.

And why was I so cold? Because my car has heated front seats. And when those are on, turning on the heater causes immense sweating. So I was completely out of luck there. Later on, during a gas run, I was at least able to get some water and switched sides of the backseat so I could actually put my feet on the floor and rub my ankle.
lousguitarinkitchen Nate stayed cool as ever, and so did Lou until we got to a certain road in the town of Quinault, which the directions explicitly said to skip. Because of this, we expected that the road we were supposed to take was just after it. Driving out the other side of Quinault, we thought we had missed it so Lou turned around and we began our search again.
woodburningstove Luckily, we were able to call the only person with a working cell phone, who said that the road is indeed five miles past Quinault. Why in thee blazes would anyone mention a random road if it has nothing to do with the directions? If you want someone to go past it until they get to the right road, then why not just put; 'Go through Quinault'? 

So, on our way back to the correct road, which we had almost gotten to the first time, we made plenty of these jokes:

"And don't go down that street, either!" 

"Sh**! I almost turned there!"
supergeek Searching for Second Street in Moclips, we flagged over a drunk guy who couldn't tell us, but luckily I spotted the sign just ahead. 

A couple minutes later, we found the beach house and were greeted by grill smoke. 

Mingle/Intoxication time! Jeremy was there, of course....
jeremy His sister was, too.
mostexcellentshrimpness This would be her boyfriend, who made the most excellent shrimp - which she did some tending of. For a while, Lou and him were thinking that he drove by the same construction site that Lou works at every morning. It turns out, however, that they're talking about two entirely different places!
thatotherguy This, as you might not be surprised to know, is a Geek of Nature! I was struck by the fact that he looks like a perfect combination of two other significant geeks in my life - If They Mated! (Like on Conan O'Brien!)
uncannygeekiness He was also a good conversationalist (and maybe we're both also social outcasts), so I spent a lot of time talking with him. Meanwhile, I pretended to have a lens filter which creates the illusion of proletarian grit!
nateissogritty I don't in real life, though.
ornot Real exciting, huh?
realexcitinghuh Besides Booze of Doom (modeled by lovely Geek of Nature)....
granddadbooze There was also tons of yummy food!
gouda And candy!
chocolates The shrimp, by the way, tasted like steak though they were only made with soy sauce, lemon pepper and steak seasoning! (I would have taken a picture of them, but they went too fast.) There was also filet mignon, which tastes even more like steak!
filetmignon And don't forget the pizza!
pizza Nor the Christmas presents! Jeremy got us some sexy Japanese shotglasses - coated with Japanese sex! (Click to scrutinize closely.)
sexyshotglasses That's a sand dune with giant tufts of beach grass in the background, just to show you how close we were! And, to pass the time, there was a gigundous bookshelf. Apart from serving as a handy liquor shelf....
whoaitsbooze ...There were also these cool things called 'books' on it!
butitusesfineart This one was kind of like 'Eye Spy', though it used pieces from the Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art!
tryandfindbook Then, when we at last could not see straight (which was strange because I know I wasn't drinking!), it was time for Liar's Dice.
liarsdice As Geek of Nature did not have anything he could easily bet, he wagered his yummy orange toothpaste (upper right).
toothpasteontheright As you can see, Lou's shotglasses came in handy. Thankfully, that's the only other bottle that became involved. boozeargood We played that until it was time for the countdown... a stone's throw away by the Pacific Ocean! And just when I had gotten so close to taking over the world!

gotsmorechips I couldn't see a damn thing out on the beach until a car drove by, illuminating the vast streams of sand that raced past our feet. And then, as we popped the cork...
beachfireworksatmidnight For some reason, we stood around trying to make more noise than the fireworks. Finally realizing that this wasn't terribly likely, we eventually gave up and went back in....

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