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January 2, 2008:

Nate was going to do some movie editing on New Year's, but he couldn't because he'd left his laptop charger in Portland. So, the next morning we went to a big silvery box with the Apple logo on it - I call the iStore - where we found a new one... for almost ninety bucks! (Thank goodness Lou Ryan is the producer.)

While he was editing away, I spent some more time walking the cats. (Gee, I guess I didn't bring my camera with me that time or you'd be up to your armpits in photos!)

Then, after recording some more music for The Ripple Effect Trailer with Lou, and it not quite working, Nate spent a lot of time at his laptop. As you may have guessed, the cats were sleepy and not at all interested in using him as a jungle gym.
nateandvada Eventually, he found some other music and replaced the trailer:

Because I was all too happy to indulge in B-Dizzle's coffee drinks and stay up editing my own videos, I also went to bed late. That was when Lou told me, "You know you have to get up at 8:30 and drive Nate to the train station, right?"

Wide eyed, I replied; "No... were you going to tell me that before I went to bed and slept in late?"


January 3, 2008:

Nate woke me up just before my alarm went off so I could get him to the train station. Strangely, I couldn't find my keys - though B-Dizzle was going along too and not having a car right now he thankfully knew the bus schedule.

So, Nate got to the train station via mass transport. Only later did I find my keys in Lou's coat.

After that, clouds began hanging around, looking dramatic:


January 5, 2008:

Jeremy came back to get his water bottle before heading back to Japan. I tried my best....

"But it was our Chrisssstmasss pressent, Preciouss!"

Nope, didn't work. But I did learn that Violet loves having her ears molested.
jeremymolestingvioletsears And in case anyone was hanging in suspense over the whole thing with [said movie star]... no, we never did get a call. Well, I think I put you through enough for now. Tune in next week, same bat time, same bat place!

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