Day After Christmas 2007:
Flea Judgment Day

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While poor Lou was slogging away in the sleet a few miles away at a construction site - half-frozen and soaked to the underwear no less! - I took advantage of the warm weather and copious sunlight for taking the Cattain (Violet) and Lieutenant (Vada) out for a walk!
walkingkittehs They're getting so brave! Violet wasn't even scared at all of this stranger!
notscaredofstrangers She didn't even run away from a bicycle!
orbikes (Note the gray sleet-clouds in the distance.)

They sure did have walking blues! Not only that...
walkingblues ...but walking greens!
walkinggreens And reds!
walkingreds Gasp! Yellows too!
walkingyellows And, as there is an airport in reasonably close proximity, we got to hear what a jet sounds like at only 2,000 feet!
loudairplane Violet was utterly stupefied!
amazedbyairplane I gotta say, I feel pretty damn lucky to have such well-trained cats...
partnersinleashes ...between the two of them, they could probably tow me away!
kittehsonleashes As I carried them past a woman walking her two dogs - and remarking how beautiful they were - I set them down on the ground... whereupon they ran back at the dogs, hissing and arching their backs! 

By the time I finally got the camera out, the dogs were walking away, but here you can see Vada staring them down at the end of her leash.
staringdowndogs It was only after the furballs of fury were safely unleashed on the indoor world that I noticed some oval-shaped hitchhikers doing the backstroke in Violet's facial hair. Though I picked and picked at them, they cleverly evaded my Fingers of Doom. And so, I decided there and then; the fleas must die tonight!

So I called the vet. Amusingly I learned that the popular off-the-shelf brand of flea poison called Hartz is sometimes harder on cats than it is on fleas!

Well, I wasn't about to buy that crap anyway. Advantage Flea and Tick Control is the way to go, apparently, and it's cheaper at a pet store than it is at the vet's office. The pet store it was!

The cats were intensely into my medicating the backs of their heads... until they realized what I had made them taste like!

Poor Violet scratched her neck with her little toes and then licked her foot - which elicited a most amusing backflip, and she spent the next few minutes scrambling around the room, trying to escape the cloud of horrible bitterness! 

Feeling sorry for the foul-smelling fuzzballs, I turned the fan on so they could at least have less of a cloud around them. They stayed put, too!
hoorayforadvantage In my trying to comfort her, I also bent down and gave Violet a kiss... and came back with a dying flea having the shakes across my face! Later on, I found another flea and Lou put it on a piece of paper for me and B-Dizzle to get a closer look at while it took its last breath. 

Also around this time, after Lou Ryan had thoroughly warmed himself up from his wet and freezing day, he actually got started on his website! You can check it out here:

 At this time it's still, as director Nathan Lee says, very 'Skeletor', but I think we'll get some meat on those bones soon enough.

Nathan Lee, by the way, is prominently featured over the next few days:

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