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Liset Cortes had everything.  Everything anyone could want.  Everything one could strive for.  Her heart's every desire.

So, why had she spend so much time looking for the next thrill?

First, she had sought happiness in her job.  Check.  Accomplished.  No resultant contentment.

Next, Liset had latched on to the most exciting man she could find.  A good idea, she reasoned, but not effective.  Ditto the discontent.

Then, she had left her cush life with her clear directives and begun to pursue whatever trail led to the greatest immediate reward.  Her consequent restlessness chafed like sandpaper clothes.

When all her risks began to catch up with her, Liset's life headed down a dark path.   Since she had forsaken all real relationships in favor of selfish ambition, no lighthouse lit her way or gave her direction.

Completely alone, Liset found herself facing an enemy whom she could not best, and she felt compelled to ask herself: if I died today, would anybody care?

Staring death in the face, she realized the heartbreaking answer to that question, and Liset had no guarantee that she would ever get the chance to remedy her mistake.
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