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Sometimes marriage sucks.

Sometimes husbands are calloused, hypocritical jerks.

Sometimes married life is too bound up in history to have any hope for a future. 

And sometimes an opportunity arises, an opportunity to leave it all behind.

The question then becomes whether or not to go forward with escape.

And whether or not freedom is worth the price.

Tessa Wilson has spent a decade married to Mr. Perfect.  He has given her a luxurious home, an easy life, and three perfect children.  And he has made sure that she remembers everything he has ever done for her.  Throughout their marriage, one thing she knew for sure was that her husband, Merritt Wilson, would always do the right thing.

Until the day she leaves her home in Phoenix, Arizona for a romantic getaway at a Rocky Mountains lodge.

From the moment she boards the plane, perfect Merritt seems ill-at-ease. Nervous mannerisms, restless eyes, and strange phone calls, among other things.  Tessa begins to think that maybe Mr. Perfect isn't as perfect as he seems.  Is it an affair? Has Merritt sensed the gradual withdrawal of her heart? Has he turned away from her completely?

Or has he done something worse?

With Merritt's strange behavior fresh in her mind Tessa can't help but grow suspicious when his handsome coworker begins to show an unusual amount of interest in her. When the man tries to convince her of her husband's infidelity, she is tempted to believe him.

Still, even if Merritt has betrayed her, she has not trusted any man but Merritt for over ten years.  Can she trust the new man, Jason Cartwright? Or will he betray her as well?

Thus begins Tessa's journey to choose between two men, one a scoundrel, the other a hero.

But Tessa's biggest question is, how can she tell which man is which?
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