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Life was for the living, not for lamenting.

Every day, Jason Cartwright woke with confidence, never doubting himself and never doubting his direction.  For most of his life, Jason had watched the world with an eye to conquer.  So natural was he at dominance that he never needed to work very hard to gain an advantage.

One day, however, everything changed, and Jason began to crumble under his failure.

He had failed in his work, he had failed in his strength, and he had failed at love.  Something, he reasoned, must be inherently wrong with his life strategy.

Maybe he needed to rethink his battle plan, lay down his arms and refocus on something outside of himself.

Sounded like a good idea at the time, but when his chance at altruism finally came, he couldn't find it in himself to follow through on his good intentions.  Instead of seizing the opportunity, Jason spent more time wondering if he could ever deserve a new life than trying to win that life.  

And when a great evil threatened that new life, Jason stood impotently trapped in indecision.  

Faced with the greatest test of will that he had ever faced or would ever face, Jason needed to rely on something more than his usually charmed life to gain what he wanted.
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