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Whether through our own sins or the sins of others, sometimes difficulties rattle our comfortable existence. For Tessa Wilson, Liset Cortes, and Jason Cartwright, difficulties ripped them away from the life they had always known and forced them to decide whether they would return to the status quo or press forward to a new way and a new life.

Come experience the end of Tessa Wilson's Disillusioned life and the beginnings of gratitude birthed from its near destruction.

Accompany Liset Cortes as she leaves behind her hungry and Dissatisfied past to seek a future she fears she has forfeited through greed.

Battle with Jason Cartwright against an unforgiving history and character that he can only escape if he surrenders his natural power, finding himself Disarmed by a hope for redemption that he had never foreseen.

Dissed by life and their own shortcomings, these characters will lead you past their unforeseen struggles and into a world where they just might find hope for something more.