Welcome, to you, who has beat the odds and now wants to live your best life. Welcome, to you, the domestic violence survivor, who has experienced mental, emotional, or physical trauma. Welcome, to you, who has a high-stress career. Welcome, to you, who is sick, or has a sick loved one. Welcome, to you, the victim of horrific circumstance. Welcome, to you, who has experienced pain and suffering so deep you believe that no one could ever believe you. Welcome, to you, who lost someone you loved deeply, and feels as if the pain will swallow you whole. Welcome, to you, whose body is breaking down, Welcome, to you, who feels weak, vulnerable, unloved. Welcome, to you, who has been labeled, stereotyped or mistreated.

As I build this site, I am dedicating it to you. Because you deserve to know that you are loved. You are respected. You are a beautiful human being - a person who defies labels and the stereotypes that go along with them.

It is my hope to create and provide tools to empower you to nurse wounds back to health. It is my hope to create tools that will help you become strong. It is my hope to help you carve a path toward healing. The process of healing won't be easy, but it is worth the work. It begins with seeking and it will end when you are strong.

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