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11/27/2011 - Sharon Woods Hills

posted Nov 27, 2011, 8:28 PM by Kelli Daniels
    Following the race on Thursday, I felt fine and ran that super-hilly route on Friday.  On Saturday, it caught up to me and I felt tired, sore and sluggish.  I took the day off from running and was happy to spend that time playing with my 5 year old niece and 7 year old nephew (Matt's sister's children).  The weather was absolutely amazing and the three of us played in the backyard for hours.  We played tag for a while and then pretended to be cheetahs in Africa.  (Right now they are really into this animal dvd they have.  They like the cheetahs because "they are the fastest land animals in the world.")  This was followed by a cartwheel contest.  We also pretended to be a family of rabbits and collected pine cones for our carrot feast.  I had a legitimately fun time playing and I enjoyed the rare chance to participate in children's imaginative games.  Why not?

    Today, I knew I wanted to get in one more hilly run in Cincinnati before returning to the pancake of Indianapolis.  It was gross and rainy all day, so I kept putting off the run.  I finally went to one of my favorite places to run and headed out on the familiar trails.  I have run at Sharon Woods since I was about 12.  I have countless memories of the trails and practices and races and routes.  I love the varied terrain and connecting different trails together to make up my runs.  Today I was on a mission to run up all of the biggest hills I could think of in Sharon Woods, and there are some doozies.  I did stop to walk twice at the top of two monstrous hills, but I didn't really feel too bad about it.  I'm still glad I got out there to work on some hills and I'm glad I got to do it in one of my favorite places.  It was a good, hard workout and more like it will help improve my confidence before racing over the hills of Boston.