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02/05/2012- BoMF Super Bowl Party

posted Feb 8, 2012, 7:33 AM by Kelli Daniels
    Today we had a Super Bowl party for Back on My Feet.  Dave was awesome enough to hook up our teams with a sweet conference room in his office downtown.  The conference room had tons of seating and four drop-down projection screens for the game.  It also had a great view of the Indianapolis skyline and a counter in the back for all of our snacks.  There was an insane amount of food.  About 60 people were planning on coming, so I think everyone wanted to make sure that we didn't run out of anything.  And we didn't.  I brought two pans of brownies and they were just a small contribution to the smorgasbord dessert table.

    I was really excited to bring my family to the party so that they could meet some of the people that I run with every day and spend a lot of time talking about.  My sister Molly and her boyfriend Josh were staying with us for the weekend, so I brought them and Matt as my guests to the party.  I was really happy that they got to see everyone and get a taste of what gets me out of bed in the mornings.  We ended up leaving before the game started so that we could watch it back at my place, but I really enjoyed the time that we spent with the team and the opportunity to share my team with more people.