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02/01/2012 - Very Sore

posted Feb 6, 2012, 8:07 AM by Kelli Daniels
    I am not sure if it was one particular thing or a combination of things, but I am very sore this week.  Last Saturday I did my longest long run in almost 5 years.  That probably contributed to my soreness.  Also, that night, I wore 4" heels out in Manhattan.  Foolish?  Likely.  But I looked good.  Also, I got a hole in my compression socks and mailed them back to SmartWool and haven't gotten my replacement pair yet, so I've been missing the benefits of their squeeziness.  Also, I rode on buses and subways and planes this past weekend, all of which provide far too little room for my long legs.  Also, last week I had a high milage week of about 57 miles, which is a sizable uptick for me.  So, any or all of these things may have factored into the result that everything from my waist down hurts.  My quads and knees and hips and butt muscles and the ball of my right foot are all tight and grumpy.

    This morning I went out with the medium pace group for a fartlek and tried to take it easy.  We wound through the Super Bowl Village and stopped for a moment to watch the taping of some show for ESPN.  We had a good hard run and it felt good while I was running, but I am not so sure it will still feel good while I am sitting at my desk all afternoon.  I need to figure out how to stretch while sitting at my desk...