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01/24/2012 - Hills Went Well

posted Jan 24, 2012, 7:40 PM by Kelli Daniels
    I had a hill workout this evening.  If I run my hill workout during the week, I have to run it in the evening, because I have to drive to somewhere to run on a hill.  I have finally made a hill workout route that I am satisfied with.  It's a loop with two up-hills and I run it according to how many up-hill portions I am supposed to run.  The loop has a steeper, shorter hill and a longer, shallower hill with a decent recovery in between made up of shallow, rolling hills.  I do want something a little more serious to prepare me for Boston, but until I can run my hill workouts on the weekends, this will have to do.

    My workout went well and went by quickly.  When I run a hill workout, I charge up the up-hills at a hard pace and jog on the recovery.  Usually when I just get over the top of the hill and start my recovery, my jog is barely faster than a walk.  But I speed up throughout my recovery as I catch my breath back until I'm back at a normal running pace.  Tonight I ran hard up the steep hill three times and the shallow hill twice, and each time I reached the top of either of them, I tried to decide which is more difficult.  At the top of each I am gasping pretty hard and pumping my arms like crazy and squeezing out any energy I can find to reach the top.  I didn't come to a conclusion about which is more difficult.  I guess I'll have to think about it some more next time.  Right now I need to stretch my hamstrings and get ready for tomorrow morning's practice.