I Ran the 2012 Boston Marathon for Back on My Feet

        Last October, I found out that I was given the amazing opportunity to run the 2012 Boston Marathon on behalf of Back on My Feet, a charitable organization that means a lot to me.  In exchange for this opportunity, I spent the next six months fundraising money to help the organization put new members through their program.  The incredible generosity of my family, friends, coworkers, and people I didn't even know was humbling and inspiring.  Through the kindness and generosity of others, I was able to raise $7,800, which is more than enough money to pay for 4 new people to go through the entire program offered by Back on My Feet.

When I think about putting 4 more resident members through the Back on My Feet program, I think about the guys that I have had the chance to get to know at the Progress House.  I think about their successes, and I think about the opportunities that this organization was able to provide to them.  I am so proud of the guys at the Progress House, and I can't imagine that their lives would be as amazingly fulfilled if it weren't for Back on My Feet and the support that it gets from volunteers and charitable donations.  Back on My Feet has absolutely changed the lives of Rob and Shane and James and Keith and many more men who were ready to make a serious commitment to bettering themselves.

Running the Boston Marathon was an unforgettable experience.  If I never get the chance to do it again, I had a great time and really enjoyed my race there.  (If I do get the chance to do it again, it's absolutely worth it, and I won't hesitate to make it happen.)  But, more important than running the marathon was how close I grew to my team during the long winter months of training.  Knowing that they were going to be at practice at 5:45 am, rain or shine or sleet or wind, got me out of bed in the dark and outside in the freezing temperatures.  I owe it to them that I was able to make it through winter at all.  And during all those miles in and around Indianapolis, I learned about the guys at the Progress House and their families and their dogs and what movies they like and how they like their jobs and where they've lived and things they've seen.  I've learned about what matters to them and why they've decided to change their lives.  And it doesn't surprise me anymore, although it did at first, how much we all have in common.

If you’d like to know more, there is a lot of information on this website about my experiences running with Back on My Feet and training for the Boston Marathon.  Below, you'll find a spreadsheet where I tracked my milage while I was training for the Boston Marathon.  On the right, you'll find links to information about Back on My Feet, Team Progress House and The Boston Marathon.  Also on the right, you can read the daily journal that I kept during my training, check out my running routes, or see videos and photos.  If you still have questions, I could happily talk to you for hours about this, so please feel free to ask me anything.  

If you like the looks of this association and you think it's something you'd like to support, please visit the Back on My Feet website to make a donation or find out how to run with us.  It's worth it.

Milage Tracker