DOLA is meant to gather, archive, and judiciously share non-private directory information among people sharing some common interest, values. DOLA is restricted to those who register into the system, thus an authentication mechanism and judicious listing of information will enable you to locate and connect with other batch mates in case of need or mutual interest. It’s living because it will allow you to keep your information current and dynamic, and the membership in DOLA ever expanding. It also of course has the potential of being an enabling infrastructure for numerous other important feature or issues .



You can access the system at by visiting the Member area (if you are registered already) or the Non-member area on the left frame of the home page.

After you are logged, selecting My Own Record in the list box will allow you to see your own record,  update it, change your password, etc. Also note that on the left most position of your record there are two icons. One is for editing/updating the other is for showing more details of your record. Please check out the drop-down menu which allows you to see several types of information (database): one is your personal record; another is a list of all OSA Members and NonMembers compiled under the DOLA project, etc.

Login Page (Also allows you to reset your password or sign-up as a guest) :


If first-time login, or you forgot your username or password, you need to supply your registered email for 
Password Setup and follow emailed instructions.

People not registered can Sign Up as guest and/or request membership. (If you have a paid membership, the treasurer probably would have already set up an account for you.) 

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A typical screen-shot when you login might be:

 Browse All Registered People (Members and Non-members):


At the bottom you have the following menu items, mostly self-explanatory. One very useful one is Search – it lets you do smart search of records, remembers last search, etc.

Home | Search | Last search results | Show all | Logout | ContactAdmin |

Changing your own record: Click the "edit" button (pencil icon) to edit your own record for address change, etc.


1 records found  (Total records:1)
My Own Record (Select this from the drop-down menu)


EditDetails Priyadarsan   Patra

Administrators will find a slightly different menu access, exemplified below:
Home | Search | Last search results | Show all | Logout | Administration | ContactAdmin | Top | Email Selected

Observe the little vertical arrow next to the heading of a column. If you click it, the displayed list gets sorted up or down on that field.  If you click on the "Search" link at the bottom, it will present you with an elaborate search matrix. You can select various conditions (that can be logically ANDed or ORed) to search and display the result from the current table/database.  Play with the search form to get the intuition behind the search.

FAQ (work in progress)

0. How to reset/change, or set-up for first time, your password

  1. You will be asked to enter your user name and password. If you do not know your user name and/or password, you must at least have your email registered with OSA for official communication. Contact the organization officials if you need help. 
To change or set up your password
    1. Click the Password Setup link in login page and follow instructions. Your window looks loke
    2. Check you email account for an email from DOLA-admin and follow the instructions. Your email will look something like: 

1. How to modify/update Member Records

  1. Go to OSA webpage at
  2. In the left side you will see the Navigation Bar, Click on “Member Area” after DOLA System
  3. You will be asked to enter your user name and password as follows. If you do not know your user name and/or password, you must at least have your email registered with OSA for official communication:  click the Password Setup link in login page and follow instructions (it will send an email to your registered email address). If all else fails, contact an OSA official.
  4. You will see your individual record. In the left side of that record you will see the image as follows (hover your mouse over the icons   to see "edit")
  5. Click on this Edit picture and you will be in the edit mode to edit your information. A form with some pre-filled fields will show up. There are comments against some fields to aid you in understanding. Fields that have black borders or blackened are not editable by you.
  6. After you are done with editing your information, please click on “Save” button that appears on the right hand side of your screen. You are done.

2. How to Find your friends and family or new acquaintance on the map of all

  1. Supply an address (say the name of the city you are visiting) in the top-left entry on the map shown; then specify a distance and click to search. Voila! The system will search for others -- if they are registered in DOLA--  wihin a radius of the address you gave.  These new people will be shown on a nice map and perhaps you will find a family/acquaintance among them or someone to befriend or help.
  2. There are many features you can discover as you play with it and perhaps one of you can add to the documentation.  For example, if you click on name/record on the left panel, a balloon will show up on the map with his/her location. You can zoom/pan etc. Click on a push-pin on map, the person's detail (and distance from your address) will highlight.

3. How to vote electronically

4. How to search members by any criteria? 

  1. Members can be searched by say State by typing state name abbreviation, say MN,  against the State Contains(selected) words in the search sheet. It will give all the members residing in the state.
  2. Similarly members can be searched by City Name and if one gives Country, State and City name after contains(selected) word in the search sheet, all member's names living in the city will be displayed. 
  3. Advanced(use of regexp): If multiple state residents are to be found the names separated by | should be typed.  For example: MN|IL|IA , typed against State with regexp(selected) will give member names & data from all three states. Similarly also non-members can be selected.
  4. Non-members can also be sorted in similar way once they are selected in the pull down menu at the top box & "update/insert non-member" is selected.

Only For DOLA Administrators:
1. How to send e-mails to members/non-members meeting one or more criteria? 
  1. Members in the dataBase can also be sent e-mails en-mass by first sorting them by State criteria and clicking "Email Selected".
  2. A page with from, subject, Message box will come up. Which can be used to send those members e-mails, en-mass. 
  3. Formatted letters can be sent as attachments

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