We believe that modern automation and robotics can best serve human needs by being locally owned. By integrating these technologies into a community they can satisfy basic needs for food, shelter, and utilities in a sustainable way with a high quality of life.

A general-purpose distributed factory can not only produce useful products, but also build parts for it's own expansion.  Therefore a small starter set, or "Seed", can grow to a larger final factory, much as an acorn grows into a larger Oak tree.

Our goal, then, is to design and demonstrate a first generation Seed Factory as a collaborative project.  The design itself will be open-sourced, but project members will own the physical hardware, and benefit from the products it produces.  We invite you to participate in the project.  The technology development phase we are in involves design, simulation, and software, which can be done anywhere.  Building the first set of hardware will require a physical location, but we intend to keep the work open and distributed according to member's preferences.

Please see our Draft Project Report for more details about our plans and progress, and our in-development Seed Factories Wikibook for technical details.