Things you need to know about seeded eucalyptus plants

Seeded Eucalyptus
Eucalyptus seeds are born easily. Unopened fruits are harvested, but already mature. Aldo they get to a heat source. Noting heat open like pine cones. They shake and take the tiny seeds. They have already planted a few weeks almost all born.

Pomegranate seeds are perishable, ie, they lose their ability to germinate if they remain much dry time. They treated by placing them in coladorcito kitchen. They are finger crushed to extract the juice and pulp under running tap water. A good clean pulp and skins once planted as it is. If you are to send them, put on a wet napkin in a plastic bag and mailed.

If not you may know how to act with a plant look what happens in nature. Juicy pomegranate grains are eaten with relish by all kinds of animals, especially birds. They go through your digestive tract where they are cleaned of their pulp and membranes and scarified by acid gastric juice and digestive enzymes. Then the animal defecates and spread the seeds in autumn when it has just rained and the ground is ready for the seeds to germinate.

Same thing can be done even in fine without gastric acids.

Although you look like a piggy I have it been tested with different seeds, fruits and eating up the next day to my n .... physiological in a small pit or in a pot and really born seeds with a success rate of 100 %.

Sorry if I have offended, but Nature is very wise and knows how to sow the seeds for the birth without problems.

What I said before the fruits of eucalyptus and pine cones that open when subjected to heat, it is because in nature these trees are waiting for a fire to occur to open its fruits and spread the seeds on a burned land without shade trees to new seedlings and paid up with minerals from the ashes of their mothers. They are so dependent on fire for their propagation pirófilas themselves contain substances (oils and resins) that promote fires.

This is very well explained in the book The Private Life of Plants David Attenborough, who for me is a fabulous book. I recommend it.

Personal experience with Seeded Eucalyptus

Seeded Eucalyptus Flower
10 grams of seed planted eucalyptus GRANDIUS and 10 grams of eucalyptus seed cells, the first seeds are very small and are planted next to a powder that leaves gives the same pit, the second (globulus) seed is more or less the size of birdseed (bird food).

The seedbed did 10 cm river sand washed or disinfected (be disinfected sand spraying boiling water on the sand and a cold see the sprinkle sand on top seeds, then hand you stir it to be covered lightly with sand The sand should be fine wet after planting, then cover with plastic wrap for about 3 or 4 days and see that at 12 days more or less begins to germinate seedlings, watering can do the following within 10 days of the first and then keep slightly wet, transplanting to plastic balls realize when the seedlings are two pairs of leaves, be careful not to break the root mother at the time of transplantation.

It is advisable to couple the transplant mix in bags, 70% farm land and 30% of sawdust (note that this is not from wood sawdust have been cured with insecticides) In this transplant can pay it with a bit of humus, then at 3 months in the bags can plant it in the ground or final field. Eye another tip: the arene put on a plastic so that the roots do not dig into the ground, because you can break the root mother. I hope you learn something my experience, pass this info to your friend, if I can be useful to them in something more suscribe to receive more tips