"When Mr. Elliott served our group, he did a marvelous job understanding the needs and unique set of circumstances revolving around our organization.  As a non-profit educational group with diverse students and families, we wanted a holistic approach to improvement rather than a cookie-cutter set of do’s and don’ts.  Mr. Elliott quickly realized the time constraints and budget constraints of an organization such as ours and tailored his presentation to best suit our needs.  Our conversation was stimulating, engaging, challenging and at a level of practical use that we were able to identify several action steps that were the results of the planning he facilitated." --- Robert Lee, Building Hope Ministries

Gaining Momentum in Education

Education Rests in Hope

Steve Elliott is an educator and consultant to schools who believes that the best schools pour hope into their student's hearts.  His life has been given to not only local education in North Carolina, but in helping other schools start up around the world with a vision for cultivating wisdom and virtue in their students for a lifetime of learning.

If you are a part of such a school and desire help in your pursuit, contact Steve.  He desires to help in any way he can serve.