Join the Team

Being a charity coin, a huge aspect of this project is gathering a passionate and proactive community that is as committed to making the world a better place as we are.

There are a number of areas that the Seedcoin Foundation is in need of assistance.

Software Development

There are a handful of projects the Seedcoin Foundation wants to move forward with, but is in need of developers to make a reality. Please reach out if you have skills to offer, especially if you are a full-stack dev.

Researchers and Academics

Properly addressing the root of the problems of a community requires thorough research and knowledgeable insight into what we find. Our end goal is to put together a team of experts that can help communities all over the world to uncover exactly what the cause of the problems are. Anyone with relevant skills, please contact us.

Grant Writers

We plan to pursue grants to assist in more rapid expansion of our programs. It wont be money that the Foundation will necessarily rely on, it will just enable us to move at a faster pace. Having professional grant writers are necessary to achieve this.


This is a pretty involved category because there are so many layers to the marketing that is necessary for us to succeed.

New Investors

We must constantly work to expose Seedcoin to more and more cryptocurrency investors.

New Activists

Our strength comes from our community, so we must strive for growing awareness.

Other Charities

Alerting other public charities to the power of Seedcoin for funding, and creating a network of non-profits to fuel collaboration.


Making sure that our local communities know we exist, and how to seek out our assistance.

Storytellers and Social Media Influencers

We are focusing on telling positive stories that were enabled by Seedcoin and the Seedcoin Foundation. So filmmakers, photographers, bloggers, YouTubers, social media influencers - we need all the help we can get in spreading our message and fully taking advantage of the power of social media. Also we will be producing several video marketing campaigns, and will be in need of production crew to supplement our existing personnel.

Community Managers / Moderators

Our goal is to foster an engaged, proactive community, and to do that we need community managers to promote thoughtful discussions and discourage toxic behavior. Essay competitions, roundtable discussions, the Good Samaritan Bounty - we want our community to constantly be exploring problems and possible solutions.

Application Coming Soon!