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Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle?

By Scott and Bonna Brooks



Please note that what follows is written as if you are in the high percentage of people for whom the miracle will actually work… 

Miracle Description

Most people have different length legs where one leg is at least one-quarter inch shorter than the other, and usually it is closer to one-half inch difference or more.  Over many years of walking, the shorter leg bears more weight and in turn can cause both leg and back problems, especially for the shorter leg that has taken more of the weight burden, and also for the back on the opposite side of the shorter leg.  People go over and over again to expensive chiropractors to try to help with these problems, but this amazing miracle solves the leg difference problem by having the shorter leg grow out to the exact length of the longer leg – in just seconds!  And if people have had leg and back pain due to the leg length difference, that pain often goes away as well! 

We find this miracle especially amazing when we think about all of the different parts of the leg that instantly grow:  skin, bones, muscles, ligaments, cartilage, etc.!

Another result of this miracle is that the person becomes taller due to the leg growth.  This can be nice for their being able to reach things they just could not quite reach before, and also for seeing over things that they were not quite tall enough to see over.  A bonus result is that the person’s feet often grow out to equal lengths, too!

One thing to note is that some people would rather be shorter than taller.  Fortunately, this miracle can be done to shorten a longer leg instead of growing a shorter leg.  So if you would prefer to be shorter instead of taller, then please adjust the following instructions accordingly.

Legal Disclaimer

The instructions that follow are safe, and yet it is possible that as you do them, someone carrying a cup of very hot coffee could walk into the room you are in, trip over you, and scald you with the coffee.  So, we hope you are not offended that we took this precautionary step to safeguard ourselves against some lawsuit-happy person (we assume that is not you).  As such, we worked out the following legal disclaimer with a lawyer from a well known law firm: 

Although we hope for good results for you through the steps that follow, we do not in any way guarantee particular results or assume any liability for injuries sustained while completing the steps.

With this said, we will now continue with the instructions…

Preparation for the Miracle

First we need a volunteer who would like to have their legs become the same length.  So as long as you are willing to see this miracle on yourself, we are all set – assuming that your legs are different lengths (later we will explain an easy way to see if your legs are the same or different lengths).  But if you would rather not be the miracle recipient, or if later when measuring leg lengths, you find that your legs are the same length, then maybe you could find a friend or family member that would like to see the miracle on themselves.  If the volunteer is not you, then you can easily adjust the steps for the miracle to work on them instead of you.

Now assuming you are the volunteer, and that you indeed have different length legs, you will have all the benefits described earlier, plus the added benefit of feeling your leg grow out – which is an interesting feeling as things grow and move around.  And just in case you are concerned about pain, it might feel a little strange as things grow, but it will not hurt at all! 

In addition to the volunteer, you will need two things that will be helpful in determining leg length difference.  One is a wall that you can sit against, and the other is something to wear on your feet that have a firm heel – such as a pair of sneakers, shoes, or boots.

To prepare for the miracle, you will first need to determine which leg is longer.  Please take the following steps to determine this:

  1. Sit on the floor with your back firmly against a wall and your legs outstretched.
    Note:  If you do not have an available wall nearby that has a clearing wide enough for you to sit against with your legs outstretched, you could instead sit against a closed closet door or even a piece of furniture such as a couch – just as long as it has an even surface for you to sit against that will not move.
    Note:  If your body is not flexible and you therefore find it difficult to sit with your back firmly against a wall with your legs flat on the ground, you could instead sit in a non-rolling chair with a firm seat and back, outstretch your legs as much as they will permit you to, and place your feet on the floor.

  2. Place your legs together.

  3. Put the heels of your feet together.

  4. Point the toes of each foot away from the other, but keep your heels together so that it is easy to see your heels (making a V shape with your feet).

  5. At the point of the V where your heels touch, look at the bottom of your heels to see which of your legs is shorter and which one is longer.  In other words, the heel that is furthest away from your eyes (i.e. the heel that sticks out furthest) is part of your longer leg.
    Note:  If you are having a hard time seeing this clearly, you may want to ask someone to check it for you, since they could take a closer look at your heels than you can in how you are sitting.

Also, you may feel like doing a height comparison to see how much your height changes as a result of the miracle.  If you have a standard way to measure your height, you may want to make note of your height before the miracle so that you can then compare it to your height after the miracle.  If you do not have a standard way to measure your height, you can use the following alternative technique that will not give you your exact height change, but will at least give you a way to compare the change.  To do this alternative technique, just take off your sneakers/shoes/boots and socks, take a pencil or pen, stand near a wall with your feet flat on the ground and with your big toes touching the wall.  Reach as high as you can with the arm that is on the same side as your shorter leg.  Place the hand of that arm on the wall as high as you can but with your feet still flat on the floor.  Lastly, with the pencil or pen in your other hand, mark the wall above the middle finger of the hand you have against the wall.  After the leg growing miracle you can do this again to see the difference between the new line and the old line.

Besides measuring your height, you may also want to see if your feet are different lengths, since often with this miracle, the shorter foot will grow out to the length of the longer foot.  So if you would like to compare the length of your feet, all you need to do is to take off your sneakers/shoes/boots and socks, stand with your back against a wall, put the heels of your feet against the wall, put your big toes from each foot next to each other, and see which one is longer.

Lastly, once you see the miracle you may possibly begin to question what you saw, since such miracles may be outside of your normal way of looking at things.  So, feel free to ask a friend or family member if they would like to see the miracle occur.  This way you can compare notes after seeing the miracle to determine if you both observed the same thing.

Now with all of this preparation done, you are ready to see the miracle…

Doing the Miracle

So on your feet, you are wearing something with firm heels (such as a pair of sneakers, shoes, or boots), you are sitting on the floor with your back firmly against the wall, your legs are outstretched, your heels are together, but your toes from each foot are pointed away from each other (making a V shape with your feet), and you have been able to determine which leg is shorter by looking at the heels of your feet. 

Now to do the miracle, you will need to use a key name that has the needed authority to cause miracles to happen.  In other words, none of us can make this miracle occur on our own, but fortunately, we are permitted to use a key name that has tremendous authority to cause miracles to happen!  This is similar to a child not having money for a bus ride, but their parent pays for two tickets and gives one ticket to the child right before the two of them get on the bus.  As the child gives the ticket to the bus driver, the bus driver accepts and honors the ticket as sufficient passage and in turn allows the child to take a seat on the bus.  Similarly, this key name gives you the rights needed for this miracle to occur.  Later on we will let you know why this key name worked for this miracle, but for now, you can get even more value out of this miracle by first trying other names that will not work.  So with your right hand on the thigh of your shorter leg, feel free to say any of the following sentences that use names that will not work.

In the name of Elvis Presley, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Michael Jackson, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Mickey Mouse, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Buddha, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Allah, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Vishnu, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of the Great Spirit in the sky, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Mary, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Mother Teresa, left/right leg grow out.

In the name of Baha’u’llah, left/right leg grow out.

So far, you did not see any change of leg length, correct?

Feel free to try other names as well…

In the name of _______________, left/right leg grow out.

Warning:  What follows uses a key name that when you hear it, may invoke negative thoughts and/or feelings within you.  But, we assure you that the name is absolutely wonderful and is a key to so much more that we will explain later.

If you happened to have already used the key name that we will describe next, then you most likely just saw the miracle.  But if you have not yet used this key name, please now try the key name that works by putting your right hand on the thigh of your shorter leg and saying:

In the name of Jesus, left/right leg grow out.

Wow, did you just see an amazing miracle?  If so, not only did your shorter leg grow to the exact length of your longer leg, but you are also now taller than before!  So if you are doing a standard height comparison, you can now measure your new height to see the difference.  And if you are using the alternative height comparison technique described earlier, you can now draw a new line to see the difference between the old line and the new line.   

Also, if earlier you had compared the length of your feet and now you would like to check to see if your shorter foot grew, you can compare your foot length by first taking off your sneakers/shoes/boots and socks.  Then stand with your back against a wall, put the heels of your feet against the wall, put your big toes from each foot next to each other, and see if they are now the same length.  If so, then great!  If not, sometimes the miracle happens in two parts:  one part for the leg and the second part for the foot.  Therefore, if your feet are still different lengths, feel free to put your right hand on your shorter foot and say, “In the name of Jesus, foot grow out.”  Did you just now see another miracle?  If so, super!

And if you had back pain, if you walk around, is it better now?  If so, then yea!

Assuming that you just now saw at least one amazing miracle with your leg growing out, the big question becomes:  Why did the miracle actually work?

In the next section we will explore what we consider to be both a fascinating and amazing explanation.  So, if you would like to know why, please feel free to read on.  If not, we are glad for you that you at least hopefully enjoyed seeing an amazing miracle!

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