Would you like to see an Amazing Miracle?

By Scott and Bonna Brooks



Maybe you have never seen a miracle before and have always wanted to.  Or maybe you have seen miracles before and think they are fantastic, so you would love to see another miracle.  Or maybe you are just curious about miracles.  For whatever reason, if you would like to see an amazing miracle, there is a really good chance that you will get to see one now!  For there is a very common and yet amazing miracle that has been happening all over the place, and hopefully you can now see it with your own eyes and experience it for yourself!  The reason we say “hopefully you can now see it” instead of “you will definitely see it” is because a relatively small percentage of people do not have the physical differences, described in the next section, that are needed for the miracle to occur, and there is also a small percentage of people for whom the miracle does not seem to work for some unknown reason.  If you wind up being in this second “unknown reason” category, we certainly would not want you to feel bad about it.  But with this disclaimer in place, feel free to read on to see if this amazing miracle will work for you!

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Aug 31, 2012, 2:26 PM