Click on this link for maps (https://sites.google.com/site/sedonamountainbikingtrails/system/app/pages/admin/attachments)

Be advised recently the Forest Service has demolished the following trails in the Casner Canyon area: World Famous Tomahawk, Damifino, Damifido, Killer Bee, Lavitra and Brew Pub. Those trails may still be hikeable, but they are no longer rideable. Please don't ride them and hopefully they maybe re-opened sometime around 2030. My wife and I hike them and they are some of the best routes in Sedona for some great hiking.

Recently there has been a new IPhone app ( http://mapstore.avenza.com/public/75623/ ) created which has all the popular Sedona mountain bike trails. The app costs $2.99 and and gives you the system and user created mountain bike trails as well as the user created trails that are now legal for hiking and equestrian travel and closed to mountain bikers.

Be advised that I am a trail critic for Skidmap. Skidmap ( http://www.skidmap.com ) is a gpx database of all popular Sedona mountain bike trails along with other trail locations in Arizona, Utah and Colorado. You can click on this YouTube video link ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgbT9IUyFpE ) to see how to activate your view of the free database. The database gives all Sedona individual trail descriptions, videos of individual trails, elevation profiles of trails and there is also a feature where you can develop a ride scenario by clicking on individual trails.
I currently have a bunch of Sedona Mountain Biking Maps on this site I recently did some maps of the different popular areas that riders like to ride. They are done in an  11 X 17 format in a larger scale than I have previously used.

Recently (1-18-13) I haved added a Google Earth kmz file that can be viewed on Google Earth and possibly viewed on a Smart Phone application. 

Please note that even a beginner rated trail in Sedona can have numerous higher skill level sections you may have to walk to avoid injury. 

Note that unlike maps that you may purchase at local bike shops or other retail stores some of my maps include 95% of the current mountain biking trails in Sedona. I have also done over fifty different mountain biking loops at different skill levels in Everytrail.com under johnf0246 (http://www.everytrail.com/my_trips.php?user_id=149956&order=creation_date) that you can refer to them to get different riding ideas. The Everytrail maps include GPS tracks of the route being shown and the GPS track of each ride can be downloaded.
I am also going to add new maps of loops that might be fun for advanced skilled riders to try out in this website.  In order to see the any of the numerous maps type Map in the Search Box. If you want to see the Loop(s) I have posted to date type Loop in the Search Box.
My goal is to update my maps to include new trail intel as I become aware of changes that could help with the mountain biker user experience. I will also be adding new loop ideas in this website when I find the time. Unfortunately the Everytrail.com maps don't have the comprehensive mountain bike trail information (such as trail names,parking lot names, etc.) that my more detailed maps provide, therefore you will need to compare the Everytrail route to my map intel in order to get an accurate idea what trail or loop you are riding since there is no signage on non-system trails in Sedona and some of the system trail signage is confusing, but is getting much better. In my Everytrail ride descriptions I have given all the trail names that make up a ride so you can just follow the names on the map to help figure out where you are going or where you got LOST.