About Us

Your SOURCE for Strategic Diversity Initiatives
Kaleidoscope Diversity Solutions, Inc. creates stronger, 
empathic relationships for building a more inclusive community 
through cultural consultation, education, and advocacy. 

Kaleidoscope Diversity Solutions, Inc. defines DIVERSITY as Respecting and Accepting issues related to ethnicity, culture, language, socio-economic status/social class, gender, age, physical ability, religious beliefs, political beliefs, and sexual orientation.  

Kaleidoscope Diversity Solutions, Inc. distinguishes cross-cultural disconnects and commonalities so an organization will reach its fullest potential.  Without attribution, organizations including social service agencies, hospitals/clinics, branches of government, school systems, and businesses/corporations will not to meet their constituents' needs fully.  

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Our Professional Expertise...

Melissa A. Rinehart, PhD, a Fort Wayne native and professional cultural anthropologist, brings a multitude of expertise to Kaleidoscope Diversity Solutions, Inc.  She has served as an educator in higher education for over 15 years, and has worked on several qualitative and quantitative research projects.  Dr. Rinehart is an accomplished author and public speaker, and is firmly committed to civic engagement.   For her professional achievements click here Curriculum Vitae