Written by Sedleigh in aid of premature infant charity, UKAMB, this track has been touching hearts worldwide since 2010!

Click the CD cover (left) for the official iTunes page of Sedleigh's EP "Bahnhof Zoo" which features the track "Every Drop Counts!". Net proceeds from sales of "Every Drop Counts" go to - the UK Association For Milk Banking.

UKAMB may be the first UK charity to have it's own dedicated theme music! "Every Drop Counts!" is now being used for the charity's online PR and promotional activity.

Watch a recent UKAMB video (right) about Steve Haberfield's John O' Groats - Land's End fund-raising cycle ride, with "Every Drop Counts" as the video backing track.

"BBC INTRODUCING" recently listened to "Every Drop Counts!" from the EP, "Bahnhof Zoo". To help get this track played on the BBC, please email: ""  with your opinion(s)!


"People like you make people like me worthwhile.." - beautifully created lyrics painted by an easy going melody floating along a drum beat and scalic passages on the piano. A thematic development makes this track easy to listen to with simple modulations lead by the acoustic guitar."

"I liked that the vocals started from near the beginning of the song, you had a really cool voice, it was easy to listen to and just chilled out. I liked that your subtle voice wasn’t overpowered by the music which was equally chilled and subtle. I liked the lyrics, it was cute and uplifting. I would definitely listen to this over and over again. Loved it!"

"This song is like a diamond, flawless in nature, sounds inspirational and very encouraging, lyric is so definite and he can really sing it out!"

"His words break my heart, all the way to the core. I could really make a lot of comparisons with his vocals, cause they have that amazing 70's style that was so popular back in the day..."