We don’t have all the answers.
But we know who does.

Life in the 21st Century has taken us away from community, from each other, and too often, from God.  The paradox is the less time we have for God the more we need Him.


The people of Sedgwick United Methodist Church believe that God made the world, that He made us to live in it, and that as the supreme expression of His love He offers us eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ.  We get together as often as we can each week with our friends and fellow believers to seek His guidance in dealing with the problems we face in this world, and to take comfort in His ultimate control and amazing grace.


Our church family includes people of all ages and lifestyles – young and old, divorced parents and families with children, singles and couples, lifelong members and visitors just like you.  We invite you to join us, whether you choose to make this your church home or simply to stop in for a Wednesday evening F5 program or Sunday morning service. 


We’re here for each other, we’re here for God, and God is here for us. 

He’s here for you too.

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