sedan or jeep


So you live in Sacramento, California, or planning on moving there soon and are looking to buy a car, but can't decide whether to pick a sedan or a jeep?

Well, it depends in multiple factors, such as what are you planning on using the car, how many people will be going with you, how much money you are willing to spend and the city's landscape.

Let's start with the very first. What you plan to do with the car is absolutely one of the most important reasons to choose from a sedan or a jeep, in Sacramento or in any city. Sedans are great and comfortable cars to live and stay within city limits, some of them are really spacious and can fit a small family. On the other hand, SUV's are all that but also great for traveling, taking highways and have a better performance in difficult roads. SUV's also have a lot more space in the trunk in case you plan on using it to move big and heavy items around.

Now that you have studied the usage your future car will have, you need to think about how many people will be frequently going with you in it. Sedans are great for couples and small families whereas SUV's have more space to fit more people and even a pet in the back! Or maybe think about your friends or family that will be joining or sharing the car with you.

If the price is a relevant factor for you -and I think it is for most of people- then you should think about the fact that sedan are often cheaper than SUV's, but not in every case! I recommend that you should search at least three or four dealers before making a decision. One of the best ways to compare makes, models and prices is the Internet, which is filled with valuable information that will help you choose your ideal car.

Sacramento is the capital city of California and as such has a very warm weather. Rain is frequent from October through April and there is very low chance of snow in winter, the last one recorded was in 1976. However, December and January are the foggiest months. Given the explanation above, you can say that the weather does not influence the choice of a sedan or jeep in Sacramento.

From my point of view, if you plan on only using the car to move around the city and one or maybe two road trips outside the city, then a sedan is good for you. Obviously, you have the final word since it will have to be the car that you are most comfortable with and the one you can afford.

Having a sedan or jeep in Sacramento won't change your perception of the city or ban you from any of the city's great places. All you need to think about are the things I talked above, which are decision factors you must take in consideration every time you plan to buy a car.

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