Weathering (Elizabeth Davis)

Research Question and Hypothesis

Provide a research question and hypothesis


Include the California and/or National science standards that this addresses. 

Experimental Design

Provide a description of the experimental design

Independent variable

What is the independent variable? How will you measure the independent variable?

Dependent variables

What is the dependent variable(s)? How will you measure the dependent variable(s)?


What series will you be testing.  Example: Study the height of plants (dependent variable) as a function of time (independent variable) at various temperatures (series). 

Constants and Controls

What is factors are held constant?  What serves as a control?


Provide a complete list of all materials needed and explain where they may be obtained. 


Provide a clear, concise list of procedures to be followed. 

Sample data and graphs

Include raw data and graphs.  Make certain to include units in all measurements, titles on all graphs, and labels on all axes. 

Analysis & Conclusions

Analyze the data and draw conclusions relevant to your research question and hypothesis.

Photos & Movies

Include photos and movies of your longitudinal research.  Post your photos in the class photo album and your movies in your Youtube account.  Embed gadgets that allow you to see your movies and photos in this web page. 


Include links to all relevant references.  Don't just paste the URLs here.  Give a title for the resource and then link the text to the appropriate URL.