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Towsley Canyon (Christine Hirst)

Christine Hirst, Earth Science teacher West Ranch High School

Description:  Students will be taking a hike through Towsley Canyon and observing changes in geology and botanical features, while making inferences about causes and relationships.

  • Students enrolled in Earth Science or basic Geology courses seeking the tangible nature of science
  • Earth Science,  geology and biology teachers can benefit from learning local examples of geology and ecosystems.
  • community members can benefit from observing local geologic features

Science Concepts Addressed:
  • Plant ecosystems and biomes: local terrain and climate influence plant growth and species variation and change with elevation
  • rock cycle: layering and strata in rocks are indicative of sedimentary rock
  • topography: with an increase in elevation, plant systems have adapted to unique needs for nutrients and sunlight
  • minerals of economic importance: petroleum is found freely flowing from slopes
  • historical resource and land influences on population: this area was the first location of oil discovery West of Pennsylvania, which accompanied with gold found in Placerita Canyon, contributed to the popluation boom in Southern California

Please review and print this trail map

Towsley Canyon

There are numerous events and scheduled hikes and educational trips scheduled throughout the Fall of 2011:
Parking is now free both inside and outside the park
rain cancels
appropriate for all ages
no dogs

History of Towsley Canyon

Ed Davis Park in Towsley Canyon is named for former State Senator Ed Davis, who championed the preservation of Towsley Canyon. The park offers visitors a peaceful haven just west of the I-5 between the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys. Trails for hiking, mountain biking, and equestrian use lead visitors through an astonishing variety of habitat types. Notable park features include Towsley Creek, and spectacular water-worn rock formations in Towsley Gorge, as wells as scenic trail viewpoints and oak woodland. Sonia Thompson Nature Center features exhibits about the natural and cultural history of the park.

Towsley Lodge is a beautiful Spanish-style ranch house that sits atop a large green knoll surrounded by cottonwoods. The lodge is available for private day or overnight group rental. It provides a wonderful staging area for all types of events from corporate meetings to weddings to overnight slumber parties. There are two large living rooms with comfortable furnishings and wood-burning fireplaces, and a fully equipped kitchen. Upstairs, three bedrooms provide overnight accommodations for up to 18 guests. A large backyard area includes an outdoor patio with a fire pit and an azure swimming pool.

Butterflies of Towsley Canyon

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