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(1)  Directions to Travel Town.      (2)  An aerial view of Travel Town.

Photographs & Videos

Travel Town Railroad & Museum

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Topics Addressed

Force, Work, Energy, Energy Conversion, Power, Kinematics, Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Simple Machines, Ideal Mechanical Advantage, the History of Transportation.


Grade Eight, Focus on Physical Sciences:

1. a-f: motion

2. a, b, d, e: forces

5. c: Heat flow in reactions

Grades Nine-Twelve, Physics:

1. a-c: motion and force

3. a-b: heat & thermodynamics

Grades Nine-Twelve, Chemistry:

7. b: chemical thermodynamics, exothermic & endothermic

Description of the Field Trip

(1)  Print out a copy of the Study Guide.

(2)  Bring a tape measure, calculator, and pad of paper on which to record your observations (qualitative data) and measurements (quantitative data).

(3)  Wear sturdy shoes for climbing over rails and up into the cabs of some of the locomotives; no flip flops!  Also, bring water to drink and a hat if it's a hot day.

(4)  If it is Saturday, the hot dog man may be there around lunch-time.  The Toy Store has many interesting souvenirs.  And a ticket to ride the train costs $2.50.  My point?  Admission may be free, but bring some cash with you if you want to do purchase any of these.

(5)  Plan to spend about two hours on your field trip.  The activities on the Study Guide may be completed in any order.

(6)  Complete all the calculations on your Study Guide, and turn it in to me the next time you come to class.  Learn something!

Study Guide

Print out your own copy of the Study Guide to accompany your trip to Travel Town.


See the Study Guide for any questions you have to answer.

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