Malibu Creek State Park Fieldwork Study Guide

Malibu Creek State Park Self Trip

Author(s):  Scott Holloway - Westlake High School
Field Trip - Teacher's Guide 
SED 695B


Topics addressed

California's Chaparral Biome

Adaptations / Niches


Description of Field Trip

This is a self guided trip where students will observe prime examples of California's famous Chaparral Biome, documents sample species and relate adaptations that have allowed those species to thrive in these conditions.

There is also a nature/interpretive center in the park, points of geologic interest, historic movie and tv site locations as well as ample hiking opportunities



6.  Stability in an ecosystem is a balance between competing effects 

Students know how to distinguish between the accommodation of an individual organism to its environment and the gradual adaptation of a lineage of organisms through genetic change 



Study Guide

This is for students to print out and take with them into the park.  Students will also need to bring a digital camera to record evidence to support their findings


Students are asked to observe key areas and organisms in a short loop around the park.  While on the loop                                     students will stop and observe specific organisms and make predictions about adaptations that have help the organism thrive in the seemingly harsh conditions within a chaparral biome.            

After the Trip:

This is a PowerPoint presentation of some of the adaptations and other interesting observations I made while on the hike.  Have your students share their conclusions with the class in a similar fashion.                


References & Links:

Malibu Creek State Park

California Native Plant Society








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