Hobson County Park (Tide Pool Exploration)

Hobson County Park (Tide Pool Exploration)

Author(s): Amy Murphy
Field Trip - Teacher's Guide
SED 695B
Map to Hobson County Park (Ventura Co.)

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Topics addressed:

  • Intertidal Zones
  • Ecology
  • Adaptations


Description of Field Trip

    Hobson County Park is a small campground located off the the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County.  During low tide there are spectacular tide pools.   Before you go, check out the tide table for predicted low tides.  

    At first glance you may not think that there is a lot going on at the tide pools, but with a little patience you will discover a fascinating array of living things.    

Tips for Tide Pool Viewing

  1. Plan your trip to coincide with the low tide. (Minus tides are the best.)

  2. Pools offer the best viewing.

  3. Watch your step.  Don't crush any animals.

  4. Don't pry animals off the rocks.  

  5. Wear old comfortable shoes that can get wet and will protect your feet.

  6. Watch for slippery rocks.

  7. Keep an eye on the ocean.  Rogue waves can come in unexpectedly and knock you off your feet.

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Standards (Seventh Grade Science)


3. Biological evolution accounts for the diversity of species developed through gradual processes over many generations. As a basis for understanding this concept: 

a. Students know both genetic variation and environmental factors are causes of evolution and diversity of organisms. 

Investigation and Experimentation 

7. Scientific progress is made by asking meaningful questions and conducting careful investigations. As a basis for understanding this concept and addressing the content in the other three strands, students should develop their own questions and perform investigations. Students will: 

    c. Communicate the logical connection among hypotheses, science concepts, tests conducted, data collected, and conclusions drawn from the scientific evidence. 

Standards (Eighth Grade Science)


2.Unbalanced forces cause changes in velocity. As a basis for understanding this 


    a. Students know a force has both direction and magnitude. 

    b.Students know when an object is subject to two or more forces at once, the result is 

the cumulative effect of all the forces. 


Study Guide:

 Click on the study guide below and print it out before you go.


References & Links:

The Doheny State Beach Website has a  great guide for tide pool life.  

 Monterey Bay Aquarium

Sea World Tide Pool Guide






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