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Surface Tension - Amazing Upside Down Water (Arpa Ghazarian)


Arpa Ghazarian

Principles Illustrated

Properties of air, air pressure, properties of water molecules, suspension, surface tension, and cohesion adhesion, 


Questioning Script

Prior knowledge & experience:

Why does water collect in drops? Why can water travel up a plant stem?

Root question:

Why is it that the water doesn't pour out from the jar with the wire mesh lid when you turn it upside down?

Target response:

1. Surface of liquid behaves as if it has a thin membrane stretched over it. The surface tension  

    "membrane" is always trying to contract.

2. Cohesion causes this effect.

Common Misconceptions:

Water will pour out of the jar because the lid with the wire mesh has holes. Water can escape form the holes.

Photographs and Movies

Refer to PowerPoint attachment below for more pictures and a video demonstration of this discrepant event.

water suspension

Here are video demonstrations of the discrepant event:

Water Suspension Part 1

Water Suspension Part 2