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Pinching Water (Amy Murphy)

Amy Murphy

Principles Illustrated

Water Polarity


8th Grade Physical Science

3.a. Students know the structure of the atom and know it is composed of protons, neutrons and electrons.

3.b. Students know that compounds are formed by combining two or more different elements and that compounds  have properties different from their constituent elements.

Questioning Script

Prior knowledge & experience:

What will happen when I remove the tape from the can? 

Root question:

What happened when the teacher pinched the water?

How can you explain this?

What happened when the teacher unpinched the water?
How can you explain this?

Target response:

The two streams of water get "stuck" together because of the positively and negatively charged parts of the water molecules are attracted to each other.  The two streams of water separate when they are flicked because the attraction between the molecules is not strong enough to keep them together.

Common Misconceptions:

Water cannot be controlled.  Fluids have very weak bonds between the molecules.

Photographs and Movies

Pinching Water


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