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Gases and Their Properties-Egg in the Bottle Demo. (Mahya Babaie)


Mahya Babaie

Principle(s) Illustrated

  1. Pressure 
  2. temperature 
  3. volume


  • 9-12.4.c. - Students know how to apply the gas laws to relations between the pressure, temperature, and volume of any amount of an ideal gas or any mixture of ideal gases. 
  • 9-12.4.h. - Students know how to solve problems by using the ideal gas law in the form PV= nRT. 

Questioning Script

Prior knowledge & experience:

Students should know the random motion of molecules and their collision with a surface create the observable pressure on that surface. Also, students should know in gases the atoms and molecules are free to move independently and colliding frequently. 

Root question:

How can you get a hard boiled egg inside a bottle with out breaking/destroying it ?

Target response:

When the paper was lit and placed inside the bottle, the air inside the bottle got hotter and expended. As soon as the flame went out, the air inside cooled down and decreased the pressure inside the bottle. Atmospheric pressure outside was greater and to balance the pressure the egg was pushed inside the bottle. 

Common Misconceptions:

          The gravity pulled the egg inside. 

Do you know how to get the out? (Write down your predictions in comments section of this page!).

Photographs and Movies

Pictures taken during the class demonstration

You tube demonstration:

YouTube Video