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Oxidation - Failed Lightbulb (Scott Holloway)


Scott Holloway

Principles Illustrated

Filament in a lightbulb does not burn, but glows.  If air (oxygen) gets into the bulb of a lightbulb, the filament will burn out.  


Questioning Script

Prior knowledge & experience:

What happens to a wire when electricity passes through it?

Root question:

Why are lightbulbs sealed?

Target response:

Lightbulbs are sealed to keep the filament from burning out.

Common Misconceptions:

Steel wool cannot burn.  The wire in a light bulb will not burn.  The glass bulb is there only to spread the light out in all directions.

Photographs and Movies

Failed Lightbulb

Overloading an outlet with too many plugs I bad enough, but counterfeit electrical products increase your risk of fire even more.