Light Box and Optic Set


  • Create single or multiple parallel, convergent or divergent beams. 
  • Blend up to three colors on a screen to study color mixing.
  • Create and test complex light paths from theoretical layouts.
  • Standards

    There are many state and national science standards at different levels that can be addressed using the Light Box & Optical Set. Some examples are provided here; however, you should check with your state to find its exact standards.

    • Light interacts with matter by transmission (including refraction), absorption, or scattering (including refraction). To see an object, light from that object - either emitted by the object or scattered by it- must enter the eye.

    • Explain how we see colors of objects, including how different media refract, transmit, or absorb light.

    • Investigate sources of light and how light behaves when it strikes different objects.

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    Light Box