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Patricia Gonzalez


Demonstration equipment (physics, physical science)  

  1. Longitudinal research (biology) Effects of Temperature and Concentration on Silver Crystal Growth
  2. Fieldwork (biology, geoscience, environmental science)
    1. Debs Park (Lincoln Heights)
    2. Lummis Home (Lincoln Heights)
    3. LA River Center (Elysian Park area)
    4. LA City Virtual Tour
  3. Employing scientific methods (Chapter 5) activity
  4. Experiment kits (chemistry)
  5. Discrepant events (biology, chemistry, physics, geoscience)
    1. burning money
    2. Happy/Sad Balls
    3. Disappearing Water
    4. Magic Sand
  6. Microscopy (biology) OR second discrepant event
  7. Instrumentation (biology, chemistry, physics, geoscience) OR Microscopy
  8. *AP labs (biology, chemistry, physics, geoscience)

*Time permitting