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September 8

Finding Photographs For Your Site (Brianna Marchand)

You can find free images to use on your site on this wiki site which has a complied list of sites that contains images for public use.  For example,
Flickr Creative Commons has an amazing collection of photos available to the public.  Be careful of photos that fall under the category of "NoDerivs"; this means you can't alter the images.  (Not so good for your site.)  You should only use the attribution license photos for your site.

Photo Credits (Connie Choi)

For your personal 671 googlesite
Under your Home page click create page and add title Photo Credits under top level
In your Photo Credits page title your photos pertaining to your internet based project
Write the source of your photo and add a link to the source

Graphics Online (Brianna Marchand)

There are two types of graphics:

  • Vector-Made of points and lines.  File size will be smaller.  More difficult to look realistic
  • Bitmap-Made up of tiny pixels. File size will be bigger.

Canvas and Image (Karob Hedges)

When using image editing programs such as Fireworks and Photoshop the Image that you open is seperate from the background. Each object and layer in the image is seperate from the background.  
  • to enlarge canvas click on image the go to modify - canvas - size.
  • If you wish to enlarge an image be sure to click the fit canvas button under modify - canvas.

To Add Table of Contents and Subpages on googlesite (Connie Choi)

  • Go to the top level section of your webpage on your googlesite
  • click edit page
  • go to insert and add table of contents. Clear the width of pixels for maximum width on page
  • for subpages go to insert and add subpages

File Cabinets (Janice Nardella)

File Cabinets are very useful for distribution of documents and as a logical place to keep information.
You can use the description field on the file cabinet to put due dates to your students.  Just click on the column next to the file name to add the date or whatever description would be helpful for your students.  This column is not labelled, you just have to know it is there to use it.
We created 3 file cabinets for use on our website.  See example of Professor Herr's site

Difference between British and English (Karineh Masihi)

United Kingdom of Great Britain compasses the geographical regions of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  Everyone born within those parameters or has become neutralized  by the Sovereign (the Queen) is British.

However, you are English, Welsh, Scottish, or Irish when you are referring to your ancestral heritage. 

It was intriguing for me to find out if it was the British or the English who colonized the American soil and although, the pilgrims of Massachusetts were English, anyone fighting for the government would have been part of Great Britain.