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September 29

Contrast zipped files vs Downloading to Picasa - A.KAISER

Zipping compresses files to make it easier to send via email or to download. Zip can also handle all file types, whereas, Picasa can only download picture files, and only if you have Picasa on your computer.

Changing Picture size - Amie Hull

Pictures should be the same size through out your website.
Goto Modify - canvas - Image size
Change Image size as needed

Making a new Site in Dreamweaver - Brianna Marchand

In order to have a successful website, it is important that you keep you files organized. 

When you open a new site, you want to make sure that your local root folder has all of the files that you need.  You can access your root folder by going to Site and then clicking "New Site" (see below).

Once you click "new site" you will be directed to the following screen:

While in the Advanced Settings, only change the Local Info (in the left navigation area, highlighted blue).  You'll name your site whatever is appropriate and then click on the folder to the right of the Local Root Folder (under the Site Name area).  This will allow you to browse to the folder where your site files are located.  This will be the location for all of the files in your site.  Please note: you can add images later, but if you move images from here, your page may not work appropriately because the coding will be broken if it is updated throughout Dreamweaver.

Image Swap- Chris Cevallos

How do you create an image to contain image swap?
1. Embed hot spots by using properties window within dreamweaver 
2. then click on the map tag and select hot spot location
3. select image from image swap folder that has been sized previously

Creating the Image Swap - Etan Kelman

To create the image swap --
1. Name your primary image
2. Define hotspot by using the hotspot tool and creating the hotspot on your primary image
3. With the hotspot selected - open your behaviors panel
    (if it is missing - file menu Windows > behaviors)
4. Click the + symbol and in the drop-down menu click "swap image"
5. Set source to -- browse to the image you want to swap in
6. Click "ok"
7. save and check in browser

Eliminating the image tag accessibility attributes box - Connie Choi

1. Go to Preferences
2. Click Accessibility
3. Check off turn off images

Inserting an AP Div - Janice Nardella

1.  Insert Layout AP Div (AP Div stands for Absolute Placement--you use it when you need to use precise coordinates).

2.  Use blue division handle to move AP Div to where you want it and then size it to the size you want.

When using AP Div, have the template set first first for the page and then put in AP Div edittable region to avoid overlap of headers.

Steps to View, Copy & Paste text in html code - Karineh Masihi

 1.     In Dreamweaver, open the page that you want to edit

2.     View your page in a browser

3.     From the Menu bar, click on View, then click on Page source

4.     Position your mouse pointer where you want to copy text, click and hold to select the desire area to be copied

5.     From the Menu bar, click on Edit then click on Copy

6.     Restore Dreamweaver

7.     Position your mouse pointer where you want to paste the code

8.     Switch to Code view

9.     From the Menu bar, click on Edit then click on Paste

10.  Go back to Design menu to see the result

11.  Save your work