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September 15

Picasa Vs. iPhoto (Kenny Bernas)

Manages photos very different. 

iPhoto organizes photos in to a Library. Does not put photos that are not uploaded to iphoto. 
Picasa actually can search your whole hard drive and put all image files into your Picasa.
Picasa does not interfere with iphoto and iphoto does not interfere with Picasa.

Histagram's (Kierstyn Olson)

Everything we see on our computer is made up of Red, Green, and Blue.  The cones in our eyes have red, green, and blue color sensors.  When we work with the Historgram, we want the color's to got edge to edge.  That will mean our exposer is very good.  If your photo isn't correct- you can use the "Fill Light" feature to color correct it.  

Watermarks (Lisa Kim)

LABEL your photos - take credit for your wonderful photography! Select photos in Picasa, go to FILE>EXPORT and then check the box that gives you the watermark option. You can add your name, or provide captions describing the picture. This is useful to know so you can CLAIM your work.

Export to Folder and Resizing in Picasa (Kimbelry Gooze)

1. Select all pictures using command A.  Go to file menu and choose "export picture to folder". 
2. Click Browse and choose an existing folder, then in the "Name of exported folder" type the name of the  new folder where Picasa should put the resized 
3. Under "image size options" enter the size you'd like for the resized pictures.


You should use the "alt" tag in html in a website and describe and name the element so web readers can read it for disabled folks. Also, use appropriate headings (h2, h3, etc) tags to indicate that the user is at a different section.

Images (Sandra Caesar)

Setup site:
Site > Manage Site > New site
name "Sierras"
define local root folder (during class use thumb drive or My Documents)

Image swap:
File > New Save as... "Index.html"
Insert > Layout Object > AP Div
Name element "mainimage"

Changing the perceptive allows you to see more on the page (example change perspective to 66)
Drag element until the width is 1000 (grab handles) and 820 in height

Behaviors > Swap Image >Browse
Select image and add alternate text
Insert the image for the hotspot to swap when moused over

Defining a site in Dreamweaver (Sergio Millan)

Go to "sites" 
click on "manage sites"
go to "edit"

Name you site.  
Find you root folder and make sure you are under the "Local Info" category.
Click ok.

Swap Image (Amie Hull)

Allows you see to a different image when you hover a hotspot 
  • Highlight the are with the "hotspot tool" and name.  
  • Under "Windows" open the Behavior menu press the "+" swap image  
  • Go to Browse. Find the image. 
  • Save and view in Safari to test

Handles (Wes Williams)

Handles are the boxes on the edges of images which allow you to resize images. If you hold shift and then resize, the image stays proportional.