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November 17

Ken Burns Effect in iMovie

by Marla Donley

To use Ken Burns clip editing, click on lefthand corner of photo/slide you want to edit.  Choose cropping and select the start point (green) and use the hand to select the point you want to zoom in on (yellow arrow) and shrink down to your end point (red).  Hit done and preview in iMovie.

Duration--Extending the Length of the Frame  (Janice Nardella)

To adjust the duration or length of the frame to allow you more time to describe in words what is happening in your pictures for your movie: 
  • click the gear like object on the picture to get the frame property option
  • click on adjustments
  • change duration from the standard 4 seconds, to something like 10 seconds, or how long you need to describe what you want in your movie.


by Connie Choi

Horizontal to vertical ratio of your picture.
Picture to fit as a certain size in your imovie. This will affect how your pictures will appear on the movie
To find the aspect ratio:
    1. File
    2. Project Properties
    3. Choose from 3 aspect ratios for your picture from Standard (4:3), iphone (3:2), and widescreen (16:9)

Non Lossy - Amie Hull

You are able to edit the compressed audio or picture without losing the original


The project viewer in iMovie is the upper-left hand box in the iMovie work area. This is where you put your photos and other assets that you want to include in your movie and where you will do the editing. To the right of this box is the preview viewer/box where you'll see the picture, edits, video, etc. Just below the project viewer is a grey slider with the numbers between 0 to 10. The numbers correspond to the frames of the assets in the project viewer. If you click on a picture that's a length of four seconds (in play mode), and you slide the project viewer slider to 1, the project viewer will show the number of frames (images) of that picture contained within the 4 seconds of play time. The frames appear as a series or copies of the same images. If you slide the project viewer slider to 8 or 9, the picture in the project viewer will appear as one image.

Sound - Amber Kaiser

  • Voice over function works with built in microphone for newer computers
  • Properties bar is available on the Purple voice over sound clip
    • Clip the audio
    • Change the speed (speedy voice may not be a useful option)
  • Sound clip can move frame to frame - "drag and drop"
  • Import iTunes sound that is accessible through iMovie

Ducking - Wes Williams

  • If two sound tracks are playing (ie- voice and music), one track can be lowered so that it is easier to hear the other.  This is called ducking. 
  • In iMovie, you can click ducking under the audio editor and reduce the volume to other tracks to as little as you want.  It defaults to 15%, but I usually duck music lower if I am narrating.  

Green Screen - Diana Ta

  • Set preferences to show Advanced Tools (iMovie->Preferences->check Show Advanced Tools)
  • Have all the video clips you want to use imported onto iMovie and any photos imported onto iPhoto
  • Select the green screen video or photo you want to use. Drag and drop it on top of the video/photo clip you want as the background (background video/photo must already be a part of the Project).
  • An action window will pop up. Select "green screen"