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November 10

Quickwrite Questions:

  • Can we go over what our website needs to have? Incorporate what we have done in the class, into your site. The more you incorporate, the stronger your site, however, there will not be a "checklist".
  • How to you create links with multiple Frames in a page please? Once you have identified the frame for your blank page, specify the target for the linked item, either right, left, middle, etc...

Forcing an Image to Open in Another Program (Brianna Marchand)

  •  If you want to force an image to open in another program, you right click on the image and then select the "open with" option.  Select the program that you want to use (ie. Photoshop, iPhoto, etc) and enjoy! 

Accessing iphoto image files (Chris Cevallos)

  • To find images in iphoto, open the appropriate folder on the left side of the screen, iphoto sortes by date. Try using the right click and open with fireworks to edit images. Another way to open image files is by using a right click and click on show package contents. From there you will see contents-data or originals folder.

Ordering Photos in IPhoto (Janice Nardella)

  • You can't sort photos manually when you are in library in IPhoto
  • In order to sort photos, you need to create a new album and put the photos in the new album.  You can then manually sort the photos.

Green Screen (Steve Ignacio)

  • Green screen also known as Chroma-Key  technique involves taking a picture of a subject in front of a green or sometimes blue background and then using a graphics program to remove the background.  
  • One technique is to actually "key out" the green color, the graphics program looks for shades of green and automatically removes them.
  •  Another technique is to remove the background using the magic wand to select the background (most any solid color will work) and then delete it.