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December 1

Video Accessibility/Backward Compatibility (Etan Kelman)

No universal format for viewing in all browsers
Most universal is swf (Shockwave Flash) - but new versions not always accessible
New Flash is not always Backward Compatible

  • Backward Compatibility - means that the files are compatible (can be accessed) with earlier versions of the same product.  Files are said to be backward compatible if it can use files and data created in an older version of the same program. 
    • Backward Compatibility is important for two reasons:
      • so that viewers can access the file
      • so that you do not need to start over when you upgrade to a newer product.

Learning Styles (Janice Nardella)

VARK -  guide to learning styles

Visual - pictures

Auditory - voice or sound added

Reading - reading is an abstraction...even the blind can read with braille

Kinesthetic - example

Video Sizing - (Julia Wong)

When selecting your video size, make sure the size is correct or appropriate for your site. If the video size is too large for your site, you will risk cutting off sections of the video. 

.mov and m4v files (Chris Cevallos)

On Apple computers, itunes is the default reader for .mov files. Apple uses the quicktime application to open .mov files when it is played on an html webpage by running quicktime in the background. When opening a link to a .mov file link then it will open with itunes. .mov files are older versions of movie files.  m4v –motion picture expert group, is the newer version.

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