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Sidebar - rearrangement (Janica Henzie)

To rearrange your sidebar:

1.  Under the "More" drop-down menu at the top, select "Edit site layout"  (note: you must be signed in and be an owner of the site in order to see this feature).

2.  The top section of the sidebar will be dark and say "sidebar"; there will be an edit pencil icon and a plus sign icon.

3.  Clicking on the the edit pencil icon will allow you to choose to have the sidebar on the left or the right and its pixel width.

4.  Clicking on the plus sign icon will allow you to add in different gadgets (text, navigation, recent site activity, countdown, etc.)  See Sidebar - Gadgets notes for more detail on the different gadgets that can be added.

5.  At the top of the scree you will see different icons for having a sidebar, having a header, footer, etc.  Clicking on these will change how your page looks.  Clicking on them again will deselect that option.

6.  To rearrange the navigation boxes, click and drag to place them in the order you want.  If it doesn't work to drag the navigation box, make sure that you can see the little dots on the side of "Navigation" (see below).  If it still doesn't work, it may be your web browser.

7.  When you have finished editing your sidebar, click "Close" at the top of the screen.

Editing Navigation Box

After you have added a navigation box, it will appear at the bottom of your sidebar.  To edit the newly added navigation, click on the box (If you hold your mouse arrow over the box, it will indicate that clicking on it will "edit sidebar gadget".

You will be able to add a title and pages to the navigation box.
NOTE:  do NOT select "automatically organize my navigation" - this will alphabetize pages, and we don't want that

See Sidebar - Gadgets notes for how to create the navigation boxes as requested and more info on the different gadgets that can be included on your page.