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Side Bar-Gadgets (by Paul DeCunzo)

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Fall 2012

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Spring 2113

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Fall 2013

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Spring 2014

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Action Research/Thesis Proposal

  • Action Research / Thesis Project Paper
  • Research question
  • Literature summary
  • Research methodology
  • Setting for the study
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Action Research/Thesis Project Paper

  • Paper Introduction
  • Literature Review
  • Methodology
  • Findings & Data
  • Discussion

Recent site activity

While editing any Website:
    Over under the "More" button, 
            choose Edit Site Layout.  You must be the owner of the site to be able to do this.
                    On the top menu, choose "Sidebar"

You can insert the following gadgets (suggested application): (Cohort Page Sample Side Bar setup to the left)

: Monetize your site by placing AdSense ads in your sidebar.  For outside sites if you like.  Not appropriate for this program's websites most likely.
Navigation: Add links to individual pages for users of your site to quickly access.  Can rearrange and copy page links.  We all did this for our course websites on our program website for Fall 2012, Spring 2013, etc.
Text: Add text to your site's sidebar.  This will apear on every page at the in the sidebar.  Good for reference sites, etc.
Recent site activity: A list of recent activity in your site. Allow's Dr. Herr to quickly check updates to your site.
My recent activityA list of recent activity by the currently signed-in user. 
CountdownCountdown days to a specific date. Final Exam, Vacation, Project due date, etc.
Site ownersDisplay the owners of your site in your site’s sidebar. If just one (you), probably not necessary.
Page authorsDisplay recent page authors in your site's sidebar. Allow's Dr. Herr to quickly check updates to your site.