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Quickwrite (Randy Daniels)

In class Dr. Herr will tell us he wants us to answer a quickwrite question.

Steps to do this:

1) Go to the SED 619 class website.
2) Click on "Quickwrite."
3) Find the appropriate date on the bottom of the page and click on it.
4) Dr. Herr will talk about and write a description of his question at the top of the leftmost column.  Write a response in the box next to your name in the appropriate column.

The Quickwrite, if you have access to it in your classroom, is a great way to do formative assessments.  By following the steps that Courtney has outlined above, Dr. Herr is able to do formative assessments to determine who in the classroom understands the material and who doesn't.  This can be use the same way in our everyday classrooms.

Also, the Quickwrite can be used to collect the emails of all your students and then create a contact list from what they enter.  Simply have your students follow the above steps and have them enter their email addresses in the appropriate cell column.  Then, you can highlight the entire column that contains their email addresses, ad then click "copy".  Then, go to your gmail account, log in and go to "contacts".  After you press contacts, you can opt to add contacts. It will prompt you to decide whether or not you want to create a new list or add to another.  If you choose to create a new list, you will be prompted to name your new contact list.  After it is named, you can "paste" the email addresses into the new contact list.