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Banners, Part II (Terry Johnson)


Part I is Dr. Herr's instructions from class and are not detailed here.

Part II (here) is a secondary method to make a banner, include your image and logo using a PC and Fireworks software:  (NOTE: With this method, you can use ANY photo of you.  You don't have to use one with a green screen background!)



.Set canvas parameters 1000x101(or a height of your choosing)


.Select image from computer

.Angle irons appear

.Right click to drag where you want the photo in the canvas size

.To add next layer, click on Edit_Insert_Layer

.By clicking on the Layer box on the right side of the screen, you can rename your layers by double clicking the one that you want to change the name on.  You can also move them around like Dr. Herr showed us in class.

.To place image on top of canvas, File_import and select image

.Angle irons appear

.Click on left angle iron to drag and move image to desired location on canvas.  Play around with desired scale of image.

.To move scaled image, hit shift key, click corner of image bracket and to move it to desired size to keep image scaled.  If you don't hold down shift key, the scale will change!

.Use lasso tool to cut image to desired view and click backspace key after square the area to be deleted.  You have to click step by step to cut out the image that you want.  Then you "lasso" back around to the starting point and click "delete" and the back ground disappears!  You can soften the edges of your selected image by using the eraser or smudge tool.

.To add text, click T tool, click on the canvas to desired text location, and type text.

.Text controls at bottom of screen

.To move text,filled in slanted arrow

.To unselect layers click on the dashed square tool and click on canvas

.Save as layers first

.Flatten then save as flatten image.  This allows you to go back later and make changes to the different layers.  When you are ready to use the banner on your website, you will upload the flattened version.