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Student directory
Personal website
Program website
  • Upload photos to Dr. Herr's Picasaweb drop box from a mobile device.:  
    • Put this email address in your phone directory:
  • Create a drop box album within your Picasaweb account. 
    • provide your colleagues with a drop box email address
    • receive photos from at least two colleagues, and contribute photos from your phone to at least two colleagues
Homework for 9/13
  • Update Moode Profile
  • Update Google Profile
  • Create a 619 folder in DropBox ( Use this link and get an additional 500MB free if you do not yet have an account)
    • Collect as many files for inclusion in your website as possible.  Put them into logical folders.
  • Contribute to the Class Notes Wiki as required.
  • Finish framework for your masters program website. 
  • Learn how to use your digital camera or smartphone camera - Study the manual.
Create / Update Profiles