cube satellites
Conferences & Field Trips
Wiki Notes
  • Each student will be adding and updating information on the Wiki Notes.
  • Ed Puzzle
  • Develop a banner for your websites using Pixlr using backgrounds representing the curriculum you teach.   Review this video on image editing and creating banners.
  • Take a professional looking photo of yourself against a homogenous background such as a white wall, and upload to your Google photos account.  You will be editing in Pixlr.  
  • Create a new Incognito window (Chrome) or private browsing window (Safari) - This allows you to have a second Google account open without confusing with the first in a normal browsing window. 
  • Open Google Classroom
  • Login with your university email (my.csun.edu) and your university password.
  • Add into the 619 class with this code: wik6jp
  • Complete the video, answering all questions and creating multiple banners for your website
  • Upload your completed banners to your websites.  
  • If a browser freezes, try a different browser.  Safari and Chrome generally work well.
CSCL Investigations
Editorial Work

  • Contribute images to Dropbox folder for making banners for your sites (samples: banners )
  • Take photos of yourself in front of green screen or other similar uniform surface for chromakeying.
  • Chroma-key yourself in three or more science-relate scenes. (Video)
  • Make banners for  masters program, CSCL Investigation, and Classroom/School website.  Chroma-key all three banners. Video